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Vlier Precision Products

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About Vlier Products
Vlier is the expert in spring-loaded devices and leveling pads for designs that require positioning, indexing, detenting, holding, ejecting, leveling and support - manufacturing spring plungers, quick release plungers and leveling pads in a variety of sizes and materials.

Design Tips

Spring Loaded Devices
About the Nylon Locking Element
About Detents
About Checknuts
Selection Tips
Standard Plungers
Stubby Plungers
Ball Plungers
Quick Release Plungers
Installation Tips
Maximum Installation Torques
Installing Spring Loaded Devices
Installing into Helicoils
Blind Hole Applications
Using Power Screwdrivers
Spring Loaded Devices
Posi-Hex Plungers
Standard Spring Plungers
Round Nose
Round Silvernose
Phenolic Nose
Delrin Nose
Flat Nose
Hex Nose
Hex Silvernose
Long Travel Plunger
Metric Standard Plungers
Stubby Spring Plungers

Ball Plungers

Steel Body Stainless Steel Ball
Stainless Steel Body Stainless Steel Ball
Push Fit Ball Plungers
Ball Buttons
Nylon Ball Stainless Steel Body
Delrin Body Ball Plungers
Metric Ball Plungers
Quick Release Plungers
Hand Retractable Spring Loaded Devices
Hex Drive Know Retractables
Fully Retractable Spring Loaded Devices
Fully Retractable Stubby Spring Loaded Devices
Fully Retractable (Non-Locking)Spring Loaded Devices
Fully Retractable Stubby (Non-Locking)Spring Loaded Devices
Pull Ring Plungers
Leveling Pads
How to Select a Leveling Device
Socket Type
Stud Type
Torque Thumb Screws
Regular (Type A)
Swivel-pad Model
Inverted (Type B)
Tee Head (Type C)
Adjustable (Type D)
Adjustable Torque Handles
Tooling Components
Swivel Pad Clamps
Spring Stops
Toggle Pads
Stock Crowder
Vlier Wrench
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