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Die Springs, Disc & Belleville Washers, Custom Springs .008" to 4" Dia. wire, Compression & Extension, Torsion, Constant Force & more. View our on-line catalogue and then order your personal copy.


Air and Light Hydraulic Cylinders to 4" Bore, Valve-In-Head, 100% Stainless Steel Cylinders, Air Clamps, 2, 3, & 4 Way Valves, Cyl-Checks, Rotary Index Tables, Custom and Specials.

DAC Injection Mold Components

DAC Plastic Injection Mold Components

Nozzle Bands, Degreasers, Resin Remover, Rust Inhibitors, Lubricants, Greases, Specialty Lubricant, Drilling & Tapping, Mold Releases, Heavy Duty Mold Releases,Plating Agents, Cleaners, Electrical & Contact Cleaners, Water Treatment

royal diversified products

Royal Diversified Products royal diversified products

Ejector Pins, Metric Ejector Pins, Hotwork Ejector Pins Hardened-Through, True-Hard Ejector/Core Pins, Bevel Headed Punches, Perforators/Core Pin Blanks, Special Miniatore Perforators & Core Pins, Die and Mold Components made to Customer Specification, Self Lubricating Components

Raymond Die Springs

In addition to our standard die springs, we offer separate lines manufactured to ISO & JIS specification. Full line of stainless steel Mechanical Spring Struts.

power team

Kaller royal diversified products

Gas Springs, Flex Cam, Controllable Gas Springs, Roller Cam, Flange Stripper, Pierce-Nut Stamping Equipment

Stilson & Die-Draulics

Vacuum Cups, Stock Lifters, Conveyor Rollers, Bumpers, Machine Tool Accessories, Venturi and vaccum units, Clamps, Air Silencers, Special Manufacturing.We are the Die-Draulics specialist in Canada.

Producto Ring Division

Producto Ring Division

Precision Punches Dies. Guide Pins, Bushings, Shanks, Ball Bearing Pins, Bushings and Retainers. Ultra-Precision Specials. Included is a listing of the Producto Family of Companies.

lee spring

Lee Spring

Compression Springs, Redux™ Wave Springs, Hefty™ Die Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Belleville Washers, Specialty Parts, Constant Force, Custom Springs


Precision Disc Springs, Safety Washers, 6mm - 250mm OD. High alloyed steels. Slotted and non-slotted K-springs for preloading ball bearings. Sizes from 1/4" to 10" O.D.


Spring Loaded Stubby Ball and Push-Fit Plungers, Ball Buttons, Torque Thumb Screws & Handles, Retractable Plungers, Tooling Flanges, Spring Stops, Toggle Pads.

Producto Tooling Components & System

Agathon, Injection Blow Mold, Parison Die Sets, Thermoform, Mold Bases and A&B Plates. Serving Metal Stamping, Thermoforming & Injection Blow Mold Industries. Precision Special Mold Frames.

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