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About Kaller
Strömsholen began its engineering operations in Tranås back in 1876. Its range of products and services has developed quite a bit over the past 125 years. Ever since it introduced the KALLER® gas spring in 1983, production has been focused on gas spring technology. It was not long before the tool & die industry realised just how useful gas springs are, which soon led to a demand worldwide. Since then, Strömsholen, the market leader in this field, has been working in close co-operation with its customers in the development and introduction of new and advanced products.

Products at Kaller
Gas Springs

Kaller developed the first nitrogen gas spring for press tools and
today offers a comprehensive selection of high quality gas springs for use in different tool & die applications.
Flex Cam

The Flex Cam is used for piercing, cutting, forming and flanging operations. The system allows for a flexible distribution of forces with optimal direction and velocity. By using a Flex Cam, fewer tools are required in production.

Controllable Gas Springs

Kaller controllable springs (Patended product) are a family of gas springs, for use in press tools, that can be locked in their bottom position and where the return stroke of the spring can be controlled.
Roller Cam

Kaller Roller Cam is used for piercing, trimming, flanging and restriking. The Roller Cam can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal angles.
Flange Stripper Unit

Kaller Flange Stripper is used in flanging dies for lifting up the part
after the flanging operation.

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